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Homemade Fried Chicken Ice Cream Recipe

fried chicken ice cream
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I found this recipe on TikTok while scrolling. It is the recipe gaining millions of views within an hour. And this recipe is of fried chicken ice cream. It is becoming famous around the globe due to its unique combination and appearance. It is named so because it is a soft, creamy delicious ice cream that resembles fried chicken. It is not fried nor tastes like a chicken. I am sure, you will love this sweet dessert. In this article, I have mentioned it’s recipe and some related information related to it.

What is Fried Chicken Ice Cream?

A distinctive and mouthwatering sweet dish that has gained popularity on the social media platform TikTok is fried chicken ice cream. It is a sweet ice cream dessert that does not taste like fried chicken. It only resembles fried chicken, however instead of being spicy, it is actually made up of vanilla ice cream that has been dusted with crushed cookies, cereal, or cornflakes to give it a “fried” appearance.

fried chicken ice cream
fried chicken ice cream

Is it hard or easy to make Fried Chicken Ice Cream?

It is not hard to make fried chicken ice cream and it is not easy as well. It is somehow a tricky process in which you have to do work carefully and promptly. I recommend you to have any of your friends or a helping hand with you, that will help you to hold things fast.

The melting ice cream is definitely difficult to handle. But the actual task begins when you have to cover it with slightly hot chocolate. Once the ice cream has been dipped, the heat from the chocolate melts it, contaminating the chocolate and causing it to seize. As a result, the chocolate can only be dipped once or twice before it becomes completely useless.

Having a second person ready to provide you with freshly melted chocolate for each drumstick is the only way to make these sweets without going completely insane. You will have no more than 10 seconds to swiftly cover the drumstick in the crushed cornflakes because the chocolate will quickly harden.

How to Make Fried Chicken Ice Cream?

To make fried chicken ice cream is a little bit tricky, it is due to melting ice cream to whom giving shape is tough. I have explained the recipe in an easy way. Here, I have explained the ingredients and preparation method. Keep reading on!

Ingredients you need!

1.5 Quart Vanilla Ice Cream

6 Mini KitKat bars

1.5 Cups of White Chocolate Chips

3 Cups of Cornflakes


Ice cream scoop

Large board or plate

Large bowl

Parchment Paper



Place the kitkat bars in the refrigerator, so that, they freeze thoroughly. Also place large board with parchment paper on it, in the freezer. This step will help, to prevent your ice cream from melting quickly.


Take out your ice cream in a large bowl, for your ease. Take a large scoop of ice cream and try to fit frozen KitKat bars in it, in a way it resembles a chicken piece. Grab a bar in your hand and surround it with a scoop of ice cream.

Vanilla ice cream
Vanilla ice cream


Place these shaped pieces on the parchment paper in the freezer to prevent it from melting. Now, make the other 6 drumsticks and then freeze them in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours.


Place 3 cups of cornflakes in a zip lock bag and crush it gently either with your hand or a rolling pin. When it is finely crushed, pour it on a large plate.


Now, it’s time to melt chocolate chips. To melt them, you can use either oven or steam method. In the steam method, boil water in a large steel bowl and then place another bowl on it, and add chocolate chips to it. Melt them and keep stirring. Now, set it aside to set it.


Take out frozen drumsticks from the freezer and give them a dip in melted chocolate chips. Then immediately cover them with cornflakes to prevent them from cold. Using your hand, mold them to give them the shape of chicken legs.


Coat all other prepared ice cream drumsticks from cornflakes and freeze them for another 2 hours! After 2 hours, take them out, they are ready to eat now.

How to Store Fried Chicken Ice Cream?

To store ice cream drumsticks, keep them in a ported box and place them in the freezer. Parted boxes will not let them stick together. And they will remain intact.

Expert Tips For The Perfect Recipe

Some tips from the expert chefs are listed:

  • Always wear gloves, to enjoy germ-free food.
  • Crush cornflakes gently and finely, so that they easily stick on the ice cream bar.
  • Thoroughly freeze the chocolate bars and parchment paper before starting.
  • Keep your ice cream drumsticks in the freezer, otherwise, they will melt.
  • Quickly shape the ice cream and place it in the freezer.

Nutritional Cart

The nutritional value of a single piece of fried chicken ice cream is given below:

Calories949 kcal
Carbohydrates113 g
Proteins14 g
Fat50 g
Saturated Fat31 g
Trans Fat0.002 g
Cholesterol120 mg
Sodium359 mg
Calcium454 mg
Iron4 mg
Fried Chicken Ice cream Recipe


I know this recipe may sound different, but believe me, it is a savory and delicious one. It is a sweet and cold chicken drumstick that you will definitely love to eat. It looks like a fried spicy chicken from the outside but actually, it is creamy, cold, and soft ice cream from the inside. The crunch of crushed cornflakes adds a twist and makes it out of this world. Kids will love to eat these chicken ice cream sticks. You should also try frozen cottage cheese bark as a sweet.  Frozen Cottage Cheese Bark, a tasty and healthy substitute for regular ice cream and other sugary sweets. It is a mixture of cheese, fruits, syrup and berries.

FAQ Section

Does the fried chicken ice cream taste like a chicken?

No! Fried chicken ice cream does not taste like chicken. It only resembles fried chicken drumstick but it does not taste like that.

Can I make the ice cream without an ice cream maker?

Yes, you can use the freeze-and-stir method to make this homemade fried chicken ice cream without an ice cream maker. To ensure that the mixture has the correct consistency, stir it once every 30 minutes.

How long does the frozen fried chicken ice cream remain fresh?

Homemade fried chicken ice cream will remain fresh for up to two months if it is kept in the freezer in an airtight container. Just make sure the container is tightly closed to avoid freezer burn.

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